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Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

    The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem has been the home of continuous Jewish presence since 800 BCE. Bordered by the Zion Gate on the south, the Armenian Quarter on the west, the Cardo on the north, and the Western Wall and Temple Mount on the East, the Jewish Quarter is currently home to 2000 residents. Following the 1948 War of Independence when the Old City fell under Jordanian rule, the Jewish inhabitants were driven out and the quarter was sacked with all but one of the many ancient synagogues destroyed.
    The Old City was captured by Israeli paratroopers in the 1967 Six-Day War and the quarter has since been rebuilt and resettled. Prior to the rebuilding the of Jewish Quarter, the quarter was carefully excavated and remains today a rich archeological site, with two or three stories buried beneath the current city.
    Sites of historical and religious significance in the Jewish Quarter include the Western Wall, the Hurva Synagogue, and the Cardo. The Jewish Quarter is home to many Yeshivot, or Jewish educational institutions.