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Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

  • Aliyah at the Western Wall

    Aliyah at the Western Wall

    The big day has finally arrived! Your son is about to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. As parents, we do our best to ensure our children have the best experience possible - and what could be more important than this rite of passage into adulthood? The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the best possible place to make your family's Bar Mitzvah celebration an unforgettable and moving experience like none other.

  • Bar Mitzvah: A Musical Celebration

    Bar Mitzvah: A Musical Celebration

    Musical accompaniment at religious services and rituals dates back to the days of the First Temple, more than 2000 years ago. Today, choosing to enhance your celebration with musical accompaniment means reviving a centuries-old practice, but with a modern twist.

  • Bar Mitzvah Old City Tour

    Bar Mitzvah Old City Tour

    before your family’s celebrations become 'just another’ memory of 'just another’ trip to Israel, let our Old City Bar Mitzvah Tour and Celebration expand and enhance your family’s experience of this momentous rite of passage.