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Jerusalem Old City

    סיורים בעיר העתיקה בירושלים

    The Via Dolorosa, Latin for 'Way of Grief’ or 'Way of Suffering’, is a winding street, of about 600 meters or 2,000 feet, believed to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying the cross on his back, to his crucifixion and burial. The marble column on the lefthand side of the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jesus burial spot, is covered in thousands of notches, etched over centuries by pilgrims and Crusaders alike, marking their visit to this holy site. Let archaeological excavations and biblical passages come to life as you walk along Jesus on his last steps in Jerusalem. Visit his final 14 stations - nine on the ancient Old City streets, and five in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - on our Via Dolorosa and Christian Quarter walking tour.
    Offering the ultimate pilgrimage route for millions of devout and secular visitors alike, listen to the stories of the people, politics and prayers that adorn the alleyways and walls of this sacred site, including:
    • The Annual Miracle of the Holy Fire
    • The rooftop residents of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    • The families who’ve held the key to the Church’s door since the 12th century
    • Local politics and religious groups who have vied for power of the religious site
    • Medieval tales of Crusaders and their pilgrimages


    General tour information:

    • Tours are led by professional guides with specialized expertise in Jerusalem history in general and the Old City in particular.
    • Tours are designed for groups with a minimum of 15 participants and maximum of 25 participants per tour.
    • Larger groups can be accommodated and will be divided into smaller groups, each led by a professional tour guide.
    • Tours are 3 hours long.

    Further information, terms and restrictions:

    1. The tour cost includes third party insurance policy coverage.
    2. We accept credit card or cash transfer through bank acounts.
    3. Cancellation terms:
    • up to 7 days before the tour date – no cancellation fees shall apply
    • 4-7 days before the tour date – cancellation fees at the rate of 50% of the total order shall apply
    • up to 4 days before the date of tour – full payment of the total order will be charged.

    For further details and information, or to book a tour, please contact us.