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Christian Quarter

Panoramic Golden City

Address: 130 Market Aftemos

Phone number: 052-2787337, 052-5557889

Name: Panoramic Golden City


The well respected members of the Muslim Dajani family are recognized through the Old City - and they are the owners of this restaurant. If you arrive in the morning before the city - and the restaurant - flings into full motion you can even go to the roof terrace to enjoy the breathtaking view of the different regions. If you arrive at a more busy time of the day you can still enjoy your coffee or meal at the lower floors or on one of the chairs spread out on the terrace on the street.

The restaurant works in the centre of the Christian quarter for over a dozen years and is half a minute walk from all the major spots. The place offers Mediterranean food besides fish, shrimps, moussaka, hummus and fried calamari. After the meal you can have a dessert or just enjoy the flavour of special blend tobaccos with a shisha.