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Muslim Quarter

Al Jebrini tahini factory

Address: Ibn Jarah, near the Damascus Gate

Phone number: 02-6274816


From the Jabarini family it was only the two brothers who decided to follow the traditions - and they are the ones who keep the sesame mill going. Equipped with stone ovens and grindstones they roast, press, crush to produce the fresh natural sesame oil, sesame halva and other products for their factory store.

If you visit the store while the works are going it will be an unforgettable experience. But even if you are not that lucky, you can still stock up on sesame oil, sesame milk or tahini. And a little tip for you: the tahini produced here is pure enough to keep fresh in a fridge for 2 years if it avoids contact with water and metal.

Visits must be arranged in advance, so please call Ishak on 052-2324224